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Whether you are looking for a studio or a 9 bedroom house, now is the time to book your accommodation for September 2017.  Hackett Property has a great selection of choices available and we are here to guide you along the way.

So the big question is – how do you decide where to live and who to live with?  If you are moving on from halls, your parents’ or your own home, then renting a shared property is often cheaper than living alone and can be a great way of getting the most out of your time at university or college. Large houses can be great socially.

When choosing who you are going to live with consider differences in lifestyles to minismise any tensions in the future, even if you’re planning to live with close friends – the best friends don’t always mean the best housemates!

Sharing accommodation can mean shared responsibility for bills and housework so even at the early stages of looking – make agreements of expectations!

Think about what are the most important traits in a housemate – is it someone who’s tidy, fun, a good cook or doing a similar course?

Do you need your own space? This is where a development such as Cassaton House is great as you have your own studio with the benefit of the communal areas when you are feeling social.

If you decide on a house share remember – everyone – including you – has different habits and tastes. You need to make sure you recognise this and learn to be tolerant.  Set some house rules right from the beginning especially about guests and visitors.  You need to be realistic about what everyone needs from a housemate.

For further information and help, please contact Hackett Property on 01915109950.