Could the Colour of Your Front Door Help You Sell Your Home?

Posted on November 27, 2018

There are a number of factors that contribute to the successful sale of a property. From its location and nearby amenities to the features and facilities available in the home itself, making your property as attractive as it can be to potential buyers is of course every seller’s top priority. Before a potential buyer enters your property however, the fate of your home and status of the sale could be sealed according to the latest research from market experts.

As a leading estate agent in Sunderland, we’ve been instrumental in completing the buying and selling journeys of people from all walks of life. For those looking to sell their home, our market knowledge has been invaluable, and as any member of our team will tell you kerb appeal is pretty important. One element of your property’s frontage could have a bigger impact than you think however…

Your front door could make all the difference

The colour of your front door could in fact make more of a difference than you anticipate. Front doors are very often the first thing that catches a potential buyer’s eye when viewing your property for the first time, so make that initial impression a great one. Giving your front door a little tender loving care is easy and will make a huge impact. As well as ensuring your front door is well maintained, giving it a quick lick of paint will ensure that extra wow factor.

Choose your colour palette wisely

With a wide range of door colours to choose from it’s safe to say you’ll be spoilt for choice when picking a palette for your home. There are several muted and bright tones that are perfect for jazzing up the frontages of properties, but considering the wider look and age of your home is a must. Older, period properties will benefit from muted shades; think timeless by opting for a deep blue, dark grey or sage green. More contemporary properties will be able to pull off brighter colours, that not only pop but make your property stand out from neighbouring houses or rival homes for sale.

Your location should also provide inspiration

Where you live will help you pick the perfect colour for your front door. Rural homes look great with varnished front doors, with the bare wood complementing its wider natural surroundings. Properties based by the sea should embrace the nautical theme, whilst those in cooler climates, like the Victorian terraces that are so popular in the city of Sunderland, can add warmth with a bolder front door colour. Beware of going too bold though, some vivid colours (like oranges, lime greens and pinks) are no-gos and have very little appeal.

Want more top tips on preparing your property for sale? Contact an estate agent in Sunderland who knows exactly what they’re talking about. You’ll find further advice and support in our news section too!