Getting the Most Out of a Property Viewing

Posted on August 31, 2018

Finding the right next home for you can be a long and drawn out process. Whether you’re a first, second or third time buyer, looking to upgrade or downsize from your current property, arranging and attending viewings is the first step to finding your dream property. As well as pinpointing a location that works for you and any other family members you have in tow, the property itself must deliver on a multitude of fronts. It is however so simple to get carried away when viewing a house or flat, leaving the essential details unchecked and the key questions not asked.

As a leading independent estate agent in Sunderland, we make it our mission to find the dream properties buyers have been searching for. Our Sunderland estate agents help our clients get the most out of property viewings, and they’re here to share their top tips in this blog post.

Think about the building’s condition

So the layout and number of bedrooms works for you, but does the property deliver on a basic level? The condition and overall safety of a property are important considerations. Whilst some allowances can be made for a property of a certain age, there are a number of things that you should look out for. Replacing outdated boilers, repairing leaky roofs and rectifying damp all cost money, which you should account for when making your offer on the property.

Diagonal cracks are another property problem you should be wary of. Unlike horizontal and straight vertical cracks, diagonal cracks could point to movement or structural issues.

Look beyond the property

It’s not just the property you’re investing in with your hard earned money, the surrounding area deserves closer inspection too. Explore the property’s location in great detail, visiting at different times of the day. On your travels be sure to note the amenities available to you. The presence of a nearby supermarket, local park or green space, or local school won’t just impact your experience and lifestyle if you choose to live there but affect the property’s value positively.

Don’t forget your wish list!

Every buyer has a list of wants and needs when searching for a property. No matter how exhaustive the list is, note down every point to ensure you have a clear understanding of how each property you view fulfils these requirements. Don’t forget the basics either! Nearby road links, public transport, the services to the building, the age and condition of the property’s central heating system and electrics, and running costs should all play a part in your decision to buy or not to buy.

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