Is now the right time to sell my property?

Posted on April 30, 2020

The term ‘seller’s market’ has been banded around rather heavily during the past couple of months. With Brexit officially behind us and the UK in a transition period edging closer to full independence, the market jitters that were being felt up and down the country since the EU referendum seem to be a thing of the past. The most up-to-date market analysis has predicted great things for the property market as a result, but is now really the right time to sell up and move onto pastures new?

Competitive rates mean more buyers

With speculation that the UK base rate could be cut and the more recent decision by the Bank of England to maintain the rate at 0.75%, now is a great time for buyers from all walks of life to find the most competitive mortgage products. There are a number of great mortgage deals on offer, and in recent months, the property sector has also seen the return of the 100% mortgage.

With buyer and investor confidence renewed, sellers are reaping the rewards. Competition for the best properties is high, with demand outstripping supply. This means more power for those selling their homes, with properties selling faster and at higher prices.

House prices are recovering fast

The renewed confidence plus our January departure from the EU and the results of the December election has given the property market a much needed boost. House prices may have stagnated since the EU referendum but over the last few months, they’ve been recovering fast. In November last year, Land Registry revealed its highest ever average UK house price, which now sits at £235,298.

The recovering house prices mean sellers can now get more for their properties, particularly when selling up in highly desirable areas.

Spring – a great season for a sale

As well as the property market triumphs detailed above, this time of year is an excellent time to sell your property. Spring is a season of renewal, and what better way to renew than with brand new property. As a result, spring is a great time to sell and buy. Sellers will find that their properties can be showcased in the best possible conditions, with improving weather conditions and the longer days, casting plenty of natural light internally and bringing external spaces back to life.

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