Live, Learn & Grow in Sunderland

Posted on June 19, 2017

Last year Sunderland was ranked the top place in the North East of England to make a living and the fourth best in the UK by comparison site Totally Money, but one year on, is it still a location to live, learn and grow?

As a leading estate agent in Sunderland, we have been lucky enough to call this great city our home for over 12 years, but for those looking to move to the area for work or play, what benefits go hand-in-hand with a relocation here? Read on to discover why you should choose Sunderland as your new home.


Some 276,900 people live in Sunderland and there is a bevy of reasons why. Alongside its award winning beaches, great eateries and excellent attractions, Sunderland offers the perfect setting to truly make the most of work and home life. The city’s amazing nightlife is something that sets it apart from many towns and cities in the UK. Those more interested in arts and culture will also find all they need to while away their days. In addition to this, Sunderland has great transport links to the cities of Durham and Newcastle, which means you’ll never be stuck for something to do come the weekend.

The cost of living is low, unlike other UK cities. Property is very affordable to rent and buy, making settling here and enjoying all that the city has to offer possible, whatever your budget.


An integral part of Sunderland’s population is its students. Around 19,500 university students study here and as a respected provider of student accommodation in Sunderland we see first-hand the experience that students enjoy, whether they are travelling from near or from far.
The state-of-the-art facilities and links with world renowned organisations, make the University of Sunderland the first choice for many looking to further their education and find a suitable career.

The education options available in Sunderland also attract students from further afield, and the University of Sunderland proudly welcomes students from more than 100 countries every academic year.


The employment market in Sunderland is particularly strong, and thanks to the local university links to companies, it’s only getting stronger. A variety of projects have also helped to boost employment and the local economy. From 2014 to 2015, the launch of 54 projects saw £117 million of funding and the creation of thousands of jobs.

Sunderland is home to countless businesses, all of which are always looking to strengthen their teams with new talent.

Sunderland is a great place to live, learn and grow, let us help you find a property to call home right here. Contact our Sunderland estate agents today for assistance or browse our ever growing portfolio of property rentals, student accommodation and properties for sale online.