Should I Compromise When Trying to Find My Dream Home?

Posted on September 28, 2018

It’s a word we never like to hear but with property market competition fiercer than ever across many areas of the UK, compromise is fast becoming one thing that many property buyers have to embrace. Whilst in the ideal world, we’d all find the perfect home that ticks every box on our most wanted lists and falls well within budget, the property market of today isn’t as sunny. For properties that do deliver on paper, many buyers find that in person they lack that warm, fussy feeling that tells you that this house is ‘the one’. As with any huge life decision however, knowing where to compromise is the key to success.

As leading Sunderland estate agents, we have helped those looking to buy or rent find the properties of their dreams. Overcoming the challenges that the property market throws up is all in a day’s work for our team but knowing where to compromise as a property buyer will only aid the success of your search. Read on to discover the dos and don’ts of compromise when trying to find your next home.


For many people, buying the wrong house in the right location trumps purchasing the perfect property in a place you’re not crazy about. Understanding how important location is to you during the early days of your property search is therefore essential. Think about what each location you’re considering will mean for your commute to work, social life, and visiting friends and family. If you have children or pets, you may want to prioritise locations that have green space nearby too. Local schools and other amenities will also need to be carefully considered to ensure you find the location that’s right for you.

If the location isn’t a great fit, you may have to be open to viewing smaller properties or ones that don’t deliver one or two of your criteria to get the spot you want.


Having a huge garden isn’t on every person’s list of priorities but for those of you who do fall into the green fingered category, a garden may be non-negotiable. Property hunters with children or pets may also want to consider trading interior benefits with exterior plus points. Opting for the perfect property with a smaller garden doesn’t mean the end of the world however. You can get creative with window boxes and planters to bring the smallest outdoor spaces to life.

Parking is another factor that could be compromised in favour of other items on your must-have list. Families or those living in city centre locations may need to prioritise parking more than those who don’t drive or prefer other modes of transport.


The finish of your home is another thing that can be compromised on to get the space, location and outdoor features you want. A property with a high standard of finish will cost more than a house or flat that needs a bit of TLC. Weigh up the cost of refurbishment, or the price of complete renovation if you want to add bedrooms or make major changes. Consider the time you have to play with if you want to do the work yourself and come up with a solution that works for you.

Browse our properties for sale today and become one step closer to finding the home that’s the right fit. Our Sunderland estate agents are also on hand to assist directly with your search, whatever your requirements.