The DIY jobs to do during lockdown to make your home more saleable

Posted on March 31, 2020

With life as we know it put on hold, most people are finding themselves with more time on their hands than usual. Whether you were just about to put your property onto the market or were thinking of selling, the Covid-19 outbreak could be seen as something of an inconvenience as you look to move up the property ladder. But the lockdown could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to make your property more saleable!

Read on to discover the home improvements you should undertake now to make your home more attractive to potential buyers when life gets back to normal.

Spring clean your home and garden

Spring is officially here and with the new season, comes an overwhelming urge to start cleaning and decluttering. Cutting the clutter is a great way to not only prepare for your future house move, but make home staging and subsequent viewings a breeze. When selling your property, you want to highlight all the things that are great about living there, not draw attention to storage issues that could cause problems for buyers in the long run.

Your garden is an extension of your home too, so spend some time tidying up your outdoor space. Trim back those bushes, remove troublesome weeds, jet wash your patio and paths, clean and repaint garden furniture, and mow the lawn to make sure your garden looks the part.

Freshen up with a lick of paint

Whether the rooms in your home haven’t seen a paint brush for some time or they’re sporting a rather bold colour scheme, freshening the place up with a lick of paint can only be a positive step in the right direction. Stick to neutral shades that will make your house look and feel brighter and lighter.

Let the light in

The presence of natural light can make a huge difference to just how inviting a property is. Whether you have access to tons of the stuff or not, a few simple tricks can make rooms feel light and airy. Add mirrors, replace broken bulbs and brighten dark corners with the right lighting to improve the flow of light throughout your property.

Cleaning your windows, both inside and out, and swapping heavy curtains for voiles or light coloured blinds will also boost the amount of light within your home.

Tackle those minor repairs

Holes in walls, broken door handles, worn carpets and cracked tiles may not seem like deal breakers but every minor repair job adds to the list of reasons why buyers shouldn’t make an offer. Make sure your property is an easy sell when it does go onto the market by tackling these minor repairs.

When the time comes to sell, let our property experts assist you from valuation to sale.