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What to look for when viewing your next rental property

Posted on May 31, 2022

With the property market booming, rentals are in greater demand than ever. Whether you are looking to rent for the short or long term, in the city or the countryside, this increased demand means more competition, and it’s leaving would-be tenants feeling the pressure.

Prospective tenants now feel like they have less time and fewer options to find the dream rental properties for them. With the right knowledge however, even first time renters can make the decision that is right for them to secure the rental property they want and need.

The property viewing phase is a vital part of the entire process, whether you are renting or buying a property. With this in mind, there are a number of things you should look out for to ensure the property you are viewing and looking to rent is the one for you.

Here we share our top tips for viewing your next rental property with your eyes wide open.

Start with the exterior

First impressions count but despite this, very few tenants step back and take a real look at the exterior of the property they are viewing beyond appreciating its kerb appeal.

Take your time when observing the property from the outside. Note the condition of the building – does it look well maintained? Is it secure? What about outdoor space for the garden or parking? You should then cast your gaze a little wider, being sure to note the condition of neighbouring properties and the presence of passing traffic.

Take your inspection indoors

As soon as you enter the property, you should have your analytical hat on. Don’t be blinded by the interior styling or furnishings. Instead examine more permanent fixtures, like the windows, doors, smoke detectors, electrics, kitchen and bathroom fittings, phone and internet connection, and central heating.

Check out the storage space on offer, not being afraid to open cupboards and doors. If the property is being let furnished, take a closer look at the condition of the furniture.

Get a second opinion

Taking along a trusted friend or family member can help you pick up on issues or potential that you may have missed. If you’re viewing alone, take pictures of each room and the property exterior to ask for a second opinion after your viewing or to jog your memory before making that all-important decision.

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