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What’s the best season to sell your home?

Posted on June 30, 2022

There are many factors that can boost success when selling your home. In addition to preparing your home for sale by completing those long overdue DIY tasks and maintenance jobs, getting your property valued and setting the right asking price for you and the current market is important.

Getting the timing of your property sale just right also matters and can in fact mean the difference between a speedy sale and your property lingering on the market for months on end. In this blog post, we take a closer look at the realities of selling your property in spring, summer, autumn, and winter to reveal the best (and worst) seasons for property sales.


Spring – from February to June – is actually the best time to sell your home quickly. With the hectic Christmas period done and dusted, buyers enter spring with renewed efforts to find the home of their dreams. They’re also keen to get settled in or at least secure their new property before the relaxing summer months come to an end.

With spring almost over, you may be thinking you’ve missed the boat for selling at the most popular time of the year for buying property. Early June however is a peak time for property purchasing in the UK.


Contrary to popular belief, summer is not a great time to sell your home, with July and August among the worst months for UK property sales. During these months, it takes longer to sell than any other, despite many sellers claiming that their houses look their best during summer thanks to the abundance of natural light within their homes and their blooming outdoor spaces.

Buyers looking for a family home also tend to be thin on the ground during summer break, with families finding it difficult to view properties with the children in tow.


Early autumn is a good time to sell. With the children back at school, families looking to buy can resume their property search. As the season draws to a close and Christmas comes back into sight however, the market experiences a slump in sales during November and December.


Winter is a notoriously difficult time to sell. Buying a property just before Christmas may seem like the perfect present, but prospective buyers aren’t keen to part with their cash at this time of year. Sales do pick up come January, with those listing their properties at the start of a new year enjoying the speediest sales.

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