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Why a good declutter is all your property needs before listing

Posted on February 28, 2022

With the season of spring cleaning almost upon us, many people will be gearing up to declutter and reorganise their lives. Decluttering is not only hugely therapeutic, it can maximise your selling power no end if you’re planning to list your home for sale.

Often a good declutter is all property sellers need to do before listing. Read on to discover why decluttering is important during your journey up the property ladder and what decluttering tips could help you achieve a pristine home that is the apple of every buyer’s eye.

The benefits of decluttering

Clutter is one of the worst offenders for making homes look small and pokey. With this in mind, decluttering can actually make your home look much larger, especially if you’re clearing furniture and other items from the main traffic flow of each room. A home that’s free from clutter will also demonstrate that there’s plenty of storage space, which will up the value and attractiveness of your property further.

By cutting the clutter, you’ll be removing the distractions that can prevent prospective buyers appreciating your home in all its glory. Store personal items and clutter out of sight to make it easier for buyers to visualise living there.

When to declutter your home

Launching yourself into a big declutter is a must in those weeks before listing, but it’s also advantageous before valuation.

You should set the scene for valuers just like you would for prospective buyers at viewings. The benefits mentioned above are certain to help you gain a better valuation, which means you’ll be listing your home for sale at a higher price point.

Your decluttered home will also work wonders for your mental wellbeing. Untidy, cluttered homes are proven to be a source of stress for most, and this is additional stress you just don’t need when selling your home.

Getting started with decluttering

There are countless ways that you can get on top of your household clutter. If your property hasn’t been decluttered for quite some time, dedicate time to tackling just a few critical areas rather than launching yourself into a whole house cleanse to start off with.

To keep you motivated as you declutter one room at a time, take before and after photos to see and appreciate your progress. Have separate bags or boxes for items that you want to donate, recycle, bin or sell, and find new places for storage within your home for the items that you want to keep.

Just finished your own big declutter? Your next step is getting your house valued. Book a valuation today and become closer to getting your property listed for sale.