How to Make Sure Your Home Goes on Sale at Just the Right Price

Posted on December 21, 2018

When it comes to selling your property and moving onto pastures new in as little time as possible, the figure you price your property at makes all the difference. Set the price of your home too low and you miss out on vital funds, cash that could have helped you fund the next step in your property journey. Set your property price too high and you run the risk of alienating potential buyers, with many unwilling to even view due to the property being beyond their price range.

While the property valuation process, and the science behind it, isn’t set in stone – our estate agents use their knowledge of the local property market to ensure the right price every time – making sure your home goes on sale at the right price is important. In this blog post, we reveal the top tips that will help you price your property properly.

Location really does matter

The value of a property will be influenced heavily by the area in which it’s situated. As a seller, taking a closer look at the sale prices in your area over the course of the last six months will mean you’re not surprised or disappointed about the outcome of your property valuation. Property websites, such as Rightmove and Zoopla, make it easy for you to gain a bigger picture of what properties in your immediate area have sold for. Be sure to study the selling prices, not the asking prices however, to get a clear idea.

In the same breath, don’t stick so vehemently by the price your neighbour’s home achieved. The property market in most cities and towns is fast paced, meaning what was a reasonable asking price a few weeks ago, may not be now.

Don’t count the number of rooms

Most estate agents don’t calculate a property’s value on the number of rooms it has. The majority use the square footage available within the property to make a more accurate assessment. The square footage rule means that extension you added courtesy of a loft conversion or conservatory may just pay dividends when you come to sell, with the enlarged floor space helping you achieve more than neighbouring properties that don’t benefit from such improvements.

Look at the perks outside your property too

It’s not just the facilities and features available inside your property that will help you achieve a better result during valuation. The amenities offered in the nearby vicinity will also boost your property price, so be sure that these are mentioned and reflected in the asking price. Homes that are in close proximity to good and outstanding schools, and those situated close to desirable transport links will do well.

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