Tips to Get Your Home Sale Ready

Posted on June 28, 2018

Home staging isn’t just popular across the pond in the US, it’s a vital and increasingly important part of getting your property prepared for sale in the UK too. Presenting your home in the best way possible is of course essential. Homes are the biggest investments individuals are likely to make, whether a buyer’s budget is in its millions or at a more modest level. Our Sunderland estate agents know all too well the factors that can influence a buyer’s decision to put in an offer or to move onto the next property.

We advise sellers directly giving them key guidance on how they can bag the right buyer for their property and get the best possible price. Here our estate agents share their top tips for getting your home sale ready.

Have a big clear out

Unfortunately, nothing says “don’t buy me” than a whole lot of clutter. Buyers need to be able to visualise themselves living in your home.

Don’t leave cutting the clutter and depersonalising rooms until moving day. Just five minutes a day can clear the most cluttered rooms of unwanted items so don’t be afraid to start small to get your home ready for viewings. Set yourself a manageable target, aiming to fill one bin bag or clear one cupboard.

Tackle those DIY jobs

In many homes that list of DIY jobs seems never ending. Whilst there’s always a temptation to ‘stick it on the later base’ tackling those home improvement tasks before appraisal and viewings will have a positive impact on your home’s value. We recommend sprucing up your décor with a lick of paint, preferably a neutral shade. Maintenance tasks should also be prioritised, especially in outdoor spaces. Don’t give potential buyers a long list of things to do as soon as they move in!

Let there be light

The presence of light isn’t just essential for our health and well-being. Illuminated spaces are more attractive than dark and dingy ones so make sure you prioritise lighting up the rooms in your home. Clean windows to a sparkling shine, and make sure the light bulbs and spotlights throughout your home are in working order. People even go as far as replacing bulbs with higher wattage products to boost light indoors.

Enlist us as your agent

Getting the right professional advice at the valuation, viewing and selling stages is vital. Here at Hackett Property, our estate agents work with you every step of the way delivering the honest, transparent and informed support you need to sell your home with your best interests in mind.

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