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A seller’s guide: Preparing your property for its close up

Posted on February 28, 2021

Whilst viewings give potential buyers the chance to scope out a perspective property purchase, the photography used on the listing will have to reel them in.

Even before the pandemic, our team would always recommend taking the time and effort to properly prepare your property for photography. With estate agents across the UK, including us, getting more and more reliant on the use of virtual viewings due to the impact of Covid-19, how your property looks on film is now more important than ever.

Here we reveal our top tips for preparing your property for its all-important close up…

Cut the clutter inside and out

This rule is applicable both inside and outside the property, starting with your driveway. A drive full of cars will look a lot less attractive, accommodating and spacious than an empty one. The same applies to bins, hoses and other outdoor clutter.

The uncluttered theme should continue inside. Make use of hidden storage space or even temporarily store unused belongings elsewhere to give the impression of a clear, uncluttered interior. Homes with lots of clutter don’t tend to go down well with property buyers, who are likely to see cluttered properties as unliveable, storage-lacking nightmares.

Use natural light to your advantage

Creating a portfolio of attractive marketing pictures doesn’t require specialist lighting. The best way to make a property appear homely and welcoming is by using natural light to your advantage. The presence of natural light makes a great impression both inside and out so try to choose a clear, bright day for your photography session.

Inside, make sure natural light is flowing throughout the property by opening up internal doors, curtains and blinds. Giving your windows a quick clean will also maximise natural light within the home. Light up rooms further by switching on light fixtures and lamps.

Dress your home for success

Your marketing photos shouldn’t just present a property, they should sell a lifestyle. As well as ensuring every room is neat and tidy, dressing your property for success will help to present a great place to live.

Home staging is big news in the US, and is becoming more and more popular here as property sellers realise its benefits. Staging can be as simple as setting the table for dinner, creating a boutique hotel-style pillow arrangement on the master bed, adding a fruit bowl or vase of flowers to the kitchen, or dressing your coffee table with a good book.

Is your home ready for its close up? We can assist every step of the way, from the initial appraisal to the completion of your sale. Get in touch with our team today to get started.