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Do I need to prepare my home for a market appraisal?

Posted on May 31, 2021

The UK property market is booming, with post lockdown life and the availability of several government-backed incentives and initiatives making now an excellent time to buy or sell. If you are looking to sell your property and move onto pastures new, requesting a market appraisal from a reputable estate agent like us is your first port of call.

We take a closer look at the market appraisal process, as well as provide our top tips for preparing your property for this all-important estate agent valuation.

What exactly is a market appraisal?

Also known as an estate agent valuation, a market appraisal involves an inspection of the property, the findings of which will help to generate a report on its current market value. Market appraisals are conducted by estate agents. Their knowledge of the local area and current market conditions provides a realistic and accurate estimate of what a seller can hope to achieve upon the sale of their property.

As part of your market appraisal our estate agents will deliver a figure that can also be used as a guide price when selling your property.

What’s involved in a market appraisal?

When conducting a market appraisal, an estate agent will consider a long list of factors to come to a competitive sale price that gives the seller a figure that’s realistic to achieve in the current market as well as a value that doesn’t price the property out of the market to make the chances of a quick sale more likely.

During an appraisal, the estate agent will look closely at the construction of the property, its condition, and modernised or refurbished features. The square footage of the premises and its location will also influence its value. Obvious signs of structural defects, damp, roof damage and electrical issues will detract from this value.

Do I need to prepare for my appraisal?

Whilst the estate agent conducting the appraisal won’t be taking marketing pictures, making some preparations to better present your property for appraisal is recommended.

There are several factors that you can’t change to influence the outcome of your market appraisal, such as your home’s size and location, and the current market. But showcasing your property in a good light will make a lot of difference.

A presentable, clean, bright and welcoming property will be of higher value. So take some time to declutter before your appraisal, complete those odd DIY jobs, and increase the amount of natural light within your home.

Need a market appraisal to prepare for the sale of your property? Contact us today to book your estate agent valuation.