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New Build or Fixer Upper: Which Should You Choose?

Posted on September 30, 2019

Finding a place to call home isn’t easy. Today’s property market boasts properties of all shapes and sizes. Buyers with varying tastes and budgets can be suitably catered for as a result, but with so much to choose from, most are left a little perplexed about which properties to view and subsequently buy. Whatever your taste or budget however, one clear divide between old and new remains.

For most, the choice between a new build and an older property comes down to personal preference. Each however has its pros and cons, which are worth exploring if you haven’t quite made up your mind yet. To help you make the right decision for you, we’ve compiled an overview of both house types so you can buy your next property with confidence.

The old build

An older house may not be as shiny and fresh as a new build, but these properties deliver charm and character that newer properties don’t. Older houses tend to be more spacious than new builds, with their bigger rooms and larger garden spaces offering more bang for your buck.

The structure of older properties also differs when compared to newer homes. Construction practices are likely to have moved on significantly since the older property was built. Instead of the modern breezeblock and plasterboard combination, you’re likely to find thicker, double skin walls.

Older properties have their drawbacks too. Old homes have older electrical and heating systems that may need replacing. Their many previous owners are likely to have taken their toll on the interior and exterior of the property with wear, tear and other issues more common. An older home is more likely to require maintenance and renovation. Making improvements to your old build may be costly but they can increase the value of your home allowing you to profit later down the line.

The new build

It seems like new builds are popping up everywhere these days. Most come with great incentives, long warranties and no chains, all of which give potential buyers better peace of mind and more convenience when purchasing the property. Nothing beats the freshness of a new home. Many buyers love that they are the very first people to inhabit the space and take great care personalising the property from then on.

Newer homes may have thinner walls due to a change in building practices, but they are generally more energy efficient. You will however pay more for the privilege of owning a more energy efficient, easy to personalise, warranty protected home. You will also have to wait for your new home to be constructed, a process that can involve a number of delays. The look of a new build isn’t appealing to all. New builds tend not to have the character and charming features that older properties boast. Instead the majority sport the same façade, layout and interior as many others in the same development.

Which one is for you?

Finding the right property type for you comes down to weighing up the pros and cons for your individual circumstances. If you are still unsure, view a selection of properties from both categories, you may be surprised by which one you prefer!

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