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New Year, new home?

Posted on January 31, 2020

According to this survey, approximately 60% of UK adults have lived in the same property for more than 15 years. Home is after all where the heart is, and in making so many memories under one roof, it can be difficult to move on to pastures new. No matter what moving history, knowing when’s the right time to move isn’t easy. So could 2020 be the year you finally list your property and look for a new home? In this blog post, we reveal why it could be…

Your home is too small

As we age, we generally accumulate more belongings, which means the space we had when we were young and care free, may not serve us so well now. If things are getting a little tight, it may be time to move in search of more space and storage.

Moving property is also the perfect time to declutter and reorganise, leaving you to move into your new, bigger home without the excess baggage.

Your home is too big

A home being too big may not sound like much of a problem for most, but unoccupied rooms and extra space can be just as difficult to deal with. Large homes also mean more maintenance, which you may not want to dedicate your time to, particularly as your children fly the nest and you move onto the next exciting stage of your life.

You’ve been offered a new job

Relocating for a job opportunity is an exciting yet daunting time, but finding the right property can help you settle into your new role and new area faster. It could also reduce the time you spend commuting.

You want to grow your family

Whether you’re starting a family or adding to it, moving to a new home could provide the space you need to do just that. Moving to a new area may also be necessary. Many people opt to move from the city centre to the suburbs to enjoy safer neighbourhoods, better schools and a lower cost of living.

You want to go one better

Sometimes there’s no better excuse for a house move than wanting an upgrade. Whether you wish to upgrade the area, property style, space or the fixtures and fittings within, there’s no shame in wanting to move onto something better suited to your current taste.

Whatever your reasons for considering a house move, let us guide you through the process. We can sell your current property, find your new home and deal with everything in between. Contact us today to get started.