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Our top tips for choosing the right buy-to-let property

Posted on April 29, 2022

As one of the most reliable investments you can make, buy-to-let property is a popular option for many would-be landlords and long-time property investors. The additional income you can make from a buy-to-let investment, and the freedom, flexibility and security a single property or entire portfolio can offer both in the short and long term are second to none.

With rental property in high demand, now couldn’t be a better time to make that move into buy-to-let investment. When making the most of your investment, finding the right buy-to-let property for your needs and budget is an essential step. Read our top tips for choosing the right buy-to-let property for you.

Think about your ideal tenant

The location of your property is just as significant as the property itself. Your buy-to-let property and its surrounding location should be attractive to the type of tenant you are looking to market to.

If you are eager to let to families, an area in close proximity to schools, shops and other amenities is important. Those looking to market to young professionals will find better success in a property that’s served by great bars, restaurants, entertainment facilities and public transport links. Think about your ideal tenant and choose your search area accordingly.

Select the right property type

The basics of your buy-to-let should also be well-thought-out. Use your ideal tenant as a guide to decipher which building type is the most fitting option. Detached, suburban houses are family friendly, whilst flats are great choices for young professionals and students.

Deciding between a new build and an older property is another important consideration. New builds are a great, low maintenance option but often lack the charm and character needed to attract more discerning tenants. Older properties may require more maintenance and even refurbishment yet are often more affordable to purchase and have a greater potential for profit when you come to sell.

Put yourself in your tenant’s shoes

When the time comes to shortlist and view potential buy-to-let properties, put yourself in your tenant’s shoes. Consider how the layout of a property would work, paying close attention to the storage, parking and outdoor space available. How light and bright the space is could also make all the difference to a property’s appeal.

As well as viewing through your ideal tenant’s eye, put your landlord hat on to identify areas where you can add value and pinpoint what issues could become maintenance problems or unnecessary expenditure for you.

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