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Students in Sunderland: Top tips for finding your home away from home

Posted on April 30, 2021

Sunderland is a bustling city that’s well-known for its student population. With the autumn term just a summer away, many students will be excitedly preparing for their new life away from home or looking ahead to their return to university.

Those looking for more freedom, or returning for their second or third year will be wanting to rent privately to kick-start their studies this September.

As a leading provider of student accommodation, we pride ourselves on delivering a range of great student-friendly properties to ensure students at all stages can find their home from home during those university years. In this blog post, we reveal our top tips for finding a great base for the upcoming autumn term.

Start your search early

It can take longer than you think to find the right private student accommodation that suits your needs. That’s why we’d always recommend planning ahead of time and not leaving your house hunt until those final few weeks of the summer break.

Work out your budget

A vital part of the planning process is deciphering your budget. It can quickly narrow down the types of accommodation that are most suitable for you as well as ensure a realistic house hunt. When working out an appropriate budget, consider what monthly costs you’ll have to foot the bill for. Selected student accommodation is ‘all bills included’ for extra ease.

Choose your location wisely

The location of your new student digs can make all the difference to your wider university experience.

Don’t be tempted to choose accommodation too close to the action or too far away. You want to be able to attend university lectures easily but not be too close that you can’t concentrate on studying when you need to.

Ask yourself what you need

As our range of student accommodation options proves, student housing isn’t what it used to be. Thankfully, students don’t have to put up with second-rate accommodation, so don’t be afraid to be fussy!

Before you start your search make a list of the features you want and need from your student accommodation, whether that’s fast broadbroad, a private bathroom or a central location.

Explore all your options

A private house isn’t your only option as a student. Here at Hackett Property, we provide an extensive portfolio of student properties, ranging from halls of residence and studio apartments to large homes and dedicated student developments.

Whatever type of property you decide is the best fit for you, calling on our student-friendly estate agency will ensure you find a home in a prime location that’s convenient for both studying and socialising as well as equipped with excellent amenities.

Contact us today to discuss your student accommodation options.