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What are property buyers really looking for?

Posted on July 30, 2021

Selling a property and moving onto pastures new can be a daunting and rather stressful time for anyone. Here at Hackett, we make property buying and selling more straightforward than ever. Yet, as a seller, you’re certain to have 101 questions running through your head, especially when deciphering whether your property measures up in the current marketplace.

Every property buyer is no doubt different, and each will have their own unique list of property wants and needs. But there are a selection of must-have factors every buyer is looking for. Here we share what property buyers really want so sellers up and down the country can prepare their properties for sale with confidence.

A good sized garden – or any outdoor space at all!

In city centre locations, any type of outdoor space is a prized asset amongst prospective buyers. At this time of the year in particular, being able to enjoy a private garden can unlock the very best quality of life, so be sure to make the most of the green spaces your property has to offer.

Whether you have a terrace, courtyard, patio, balcony, a country garden or a few acres to play with, present your outdoor space as the ultimate home extension to entice buyers and up your chances of a faster sale.

A home that’s safe, secure and private

Safety, security and privacy of course matter so if there’s any improvement you need to make to secure your windows and doors, go ahead and do it.

Securing your home isn’t an expensive job. There’s a number of steps you can take to give buyers extra peace mind, including the addition of security chains on doors and the installation of outdoor security lights. The privacy of your property can also be enhanced thanks to your choice of window treatments indoors and fencing outdoors.

Parking that’s just for the property

Off road parking or a dedicated parking space is also coveted by would-be buyers, especially in busy cities and towns, or in areas where commuting is particularly popular. This may just give you a very good reason to transform an underutilised front garden into your property’s very own drive!

The extras that make life truly comfortable

The key to preparing your property for a quick sale is to sell a lifestyle. Buyers after all appreciate all the extras that make life comfortable or even luxurious, especially as we’ve spent more time at home than ever during the past year or so.

A bath tub, reliable broadband, an ensuite bathroom, or a living room large enough for a sizable flat screen TV are just some of the features that will score your property plenty of points with prospective buyers.

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