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What to Look for When Choosing Student Accommodation

Posted on July 31, 2019

In university cities and towns around the world, students are busily preparing for the start of the new academic year. Summer is a busy time for university students, with the hunt for their home away home a top priority. First year students have a relatively simple job of selecting which university halls they want to live in for the year ahead. Second and third year students on the other hand are searching for a different type of student accommodation, one that gives them the freedom and flexibility to mix university work and pleasure at their own leisure.

As a student accommodation specialist, we help to source Sunderland based student pads for all tastes and budgets. There are a variety of factors that have to be considered when finding the perfect property match. Read on to discover the things to look for when choosing your student accommodation.


Location is everything when searching for a property to rent, especially during your student years. Your first year university halls may have put you at the heart of campus life, but privately rented accommodation offers something a little different. With private student accommodation, you can position yourself closer to other amenities, such as shops, nightlife and transport links that will take you to campus or back home for the holidays.

Choosing your location based on your own personal preferences is the key. Think about what’s important to you and your university experience, and narrow down search areas accordingly.


Here at Hackett, we provide access to student accommodation that suits all budgets. Make sure you have a clear idea about what you can and can’t afford during the early days of your search. Those on a budget or looking for a simple financial setup, may want to consider student accommodation with all bills included. Students with more money to play with can upgrade to plusher options. Luxury student accommodation with a central location isn’t difficult to find in Sunderland.


Nothing matters more than your safety and your student accommodation will provide extra peace of mind for you and your family back home. Choosing a student house or apartment that’s secure will make you feel safe, which means a better university experience all-round. Many student accommodation options in Sunderland are kitted out with 24-hour surveillance and an on-site concierge team.


Student accommodation isn’t what it used to be. These days students can have all the bells and whistles. From remote controlled heating and lighting, superfast broadband and Wi-Fi, and fully equipped kitchens to state-of-the-art gyms, games rooms, communal living areas, snugs and study areas, you can have it all!

You don’t have to search for your student accommodation alone. Our team is ready and waiting to find the best student property for your unique requirements. Get in touch with us today to start your search.